The danger of overdose

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Overdosing may result in the amount of water in the drum being insufficient to mix well with the detergent. This can cause the detergent to clump with dirt in the machine. Ultimately, this becomes a gray gunk that you will find in the rubber rim of the washing machine, in the pump and in the drain hoses. This gunk is called laundry lice or grease lice. The result is a washing machine that stinks and so does your laundry!

Too much detergent also causes unnecessary burden on the environment, waste of detergent and higher energy consumption. A washing machine will then rinse more to remove as much foam as possible from the laundry. This therefore costs unnecessary time and water.

Also pay attention to the loading capacity of your machine. If you put too much laundry in your machine, the water will not reach where it should go and your clothes will not be cleaned properly and detergent residue will be left behind, with all the unpleasant consequences that entails.

Easy dosing with washing strips

Use our wax strips , then nothing can go wrong! You use half a washing strip for half a machine or a hand wash, a whole strip for a full machine of 5-9 kilos and 1.5 to 2 washing strips if you have a large drum or extra dirty laundry. You can also use 1.5 or 2 strips if you want a little extra scent to your laundry, such as your bedding.

This makes washing a breeze and you always have fresh laundry!

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