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Good shaving products are very important. This way you prevent shaving irritation and maintain smooth skin for longer. In addition, a razor is even more valuable with the right products. Think of shaving soap and replaceable blades. At Second Nature we offer all options when it comes to shaving with a razor.


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Second Nature vervangbare mesjes 4 stuks voor gladde huid
Razor Blades Sale priceFrom €7,95 EUR
Roestvrij Second Nature nachtelijk zwart scheer startset met scheermesje, standaard en 4 extra mesjesSecond Nature Rose Gold herbruikbaar scheermes in standaard met extra mesje
Premium Shaving Set Sale price€49,95 EUR
Second Nature Roestvrije Space grey scheermesSecond Nature 100% recyclebaar zwart scheermes met zilveren details
The Razors Sale price€29,95 EUR
Shaving soapShaving soap
Shaving soap Sale price€9,95 EUR
The Razor Protective CaseThe Razor Protective Case
The Razor Protective Case Sale price€9,95 EUR
Second Nature scheermes standaard nachtelijk zwartSecond Nature scheermes standaard Cyaan blauw
The Razors Sale price€29,95 EUR

Razor Facts

Lasts a lifetime

100% plastic-free

100% recyclable

Easy to clean

Does not rust


The Second Nature shaving set

You can buy a shaving set at Second Nature. The best way to shave is with an appropriate razor and appropriate shaving products. Second Nature offers separate 'razor blades'. These are the blades of The Razor from Second Nature so that you always have the option to replace the razor blades. We also offer a Razor Protective Cover, which ensures that your Razor lasts as long as possible and you can easily take it with you.

Of course, using a razor requires shaving soap. This softens and protects the skin and to top it off we also have a Second Nature Razor standard. This is small and compact: perfect for the shower! Also check out our Premium Shaving Set deal: you will receive the complete shaving package (including Razor, accompanying holder and four blades). This will save you no less than €25!

What is the advantage of Second Nature razors?

Buying a shaving set from Second Nature offers many advantages. Not only for you but also for the environment. We list the benefits below.

  • Our razors last a lifetime . So: purchasing a razor from Second Nature also means that this is the last time you have to do that. Save money too and buy your Razor today!
  • A Second Nature razor is 100% plastic-free . This means that buying one razor is not only good for your wallet, but also good for the world.
  • Because our razors are 100% plastic-free, they are also 100% recyclable .
  • The razors are easy to clean because the blades can be removed, ideal!

The razors last a long time and that is partly because they do not rust . So enjoy a beautiful, usable razor for a long time!

Buy shaving products at Second Nature

Second Nature is the webshop with sustainable top quality products. Choose your shaving product (or shaving set) and we will ensure that it is delivered to your home. To ask? View our frequently asked questions here or contact us!