How did you wash your favorite swimsuit, bikini or swimming trunks?

strandzand verwijderen dat in badkleding vast komt te zitten

Swimwear actually always contains the fabric lycra. This material is elastic and ensures a perfect fit. Unfortunately, Lycra is also very sensitive to sun, chlorine, seawater and sweat. During the summer and holiday periods, your swimwear has to endure quite a bit.

Here are some tips to keep your beloved beachwear in top condition.

Immediately after swimming: Be careful

Do not wring the swimwear out too hard, as this can damage the fine lycra threads. Rather, gently squeeze out the moisture and then pat it dry with a towel. Try to wash your swimwear as soon as possible after each use. And if you like the Second Nature Laundrysheets half a sheet is sufficient if you do not have a full machine.

Washing swimwear: Do it right

Read more about the ideal washing programs for your swimwear here. It's not just about the temperature, but especially about the centrifugation. And yes, your swimwear should actually be washed on the wool cycle.

Drying: Avoid direct sunlight

A golden tip: Do not store your swimwear until it is completely dry. To prevent discoloration, it is better to dry your swimwear in the shade, away from direct sunlight.

Be careful with sunburn

Avoid sunscreen stains by applying sunscreen at least half an hour before putting on your swimwear.

Extra Tip: Comfortable Shave

In your bikini you naturally prefer smooth skin without bumps. That's why our effective tips after shaving are essential.

Finally, don't forget to enjoy every ray of sunshine and go down that slide!

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