Sustainable washing is not more expensive

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Second Nature wants to make all households in the Netherlands sustainable. By offering products that you use weekly, if not daily. We also ship sustainably! You can have the packaging recycled through the waste paper.

Sustainable = more expensive?

Sustainable living is often seen as a more expensive lifestyle. But what if that isn't the case at all? We all do laundry daily, if not weekly. This costs energy and water! Our Laundry Sheets are the answer to sustainable washing .

How much does sustainable laundry cost?

But… What does it cost? We understand that you would like an answer to this. Save €0.25* per load by using the Laundry Sheets. We'll explain it for you!

Suppose you use traditional detergent and fabric softener from your trusted brand. A load of laundry is already €0.68. On average you wash about 3 times a week, which amounts to €2.04 per week. On an annual basis you spend €106.08 on detergent and fabric softener alone.

With the package of 3×40 Laundry Sheets you will spend €0.43 per load. This is €1.29 per week, on an annual basis you spend €67.08 on washing. If you choose our annual bundle , you will save even more!

Save water and money

Do we need to say more? Save on the cost item 'detergent & fabric softener' and also make a sustainable switch. Two birds with one stone . You also save water, disposable plastic bottles and CO2 emissions.

* Calculated based on 1 strip per wash and purchase of the pack of 3×40 wash strips.

View our Laundry Sheets , All Purpose Cleaner , and Hand Soap collections, or discover all our products here .

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