The 1st Step Towards a sustainable household?

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✔ Easy to Dose
✔ Free from Plastics & Parabens
✔ 100% Vegan
✔ No Unnecessary Transport of Water
✔ Completely Recyclable

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How it works
Vrouw geniet van haar schone en frisse wasgoedEen Second Nature wasstrip wordt in de wasmachine gelegdVrouw doet haar wasgoed in de wastrommel

Step 1

Put your laundry in the washing machine drum

The Laundry Sheets are suitable for all types of laundry. Also for wool and silk laundry.

Step 2

Place a Laundry Sheet with the laundry

Place one sheet on top of the dirty laundry in the drum. You no longer need to add detergent or fabric softener.

Step 3

Enjoy your clean and fresh laundry

The result... wonderfully fresh smelling and perfectly clean laundry! That is enjoyment, and also very sustainable.