Shave for the first time? All about old fashioned shaving

scheren met een scheermes

Shaving, we all do it! Some shave daily, others weekly and some even less frequently. The fact remains that (almost) everyone shaves at some point. Research shows that most Dutch men and women shave regularly, and that 'old-fashioned shaving', or wet shaving with a holder and blade , is a popular choice.

But honestly, if everyone shaves anyway... why not with a 100% recyclable blade that does not rust and lasts a lifetime? At Second Nature we have exactly that.

Which parts of your body do you shave and how often?

It's a little different for everyone. But honestly, if everyone shaves anyway... why not with a 100% recyclable blade that does not rust and lasts a lifetime?

No more skin irritation after shaving with Second Nature

Damage to your skin after shaving? Not with the Second Nature blade. Shave carefully with our shaving soap , your skin will thank you. Avoid one of the most common shaving mistakes: using a dull razor blade. This can cause irritation because you have to go over your skin more often to get it smooth. Replacing your razor blade on time is crucial. And with our Premium Shaving Set , you always have a sharp blade at hand. With our protective cover you can also safely take your razor on holiday.

Dummy-proof steps for a smooth and irritation-free shave:

  1. Preparation
  2. Apply shaving soap
  3. Shaving technique
  4. Shave thoroughly
  5. Rinse and dry
  6. Aftercare
  7. Razor maintenance

Each of these steps contributes to a smooth, irritation-free shave.

A subscription that suits your lifestyle

At Second Nature you never have to go to the store for (disposable) blades again, because you 'normally' receive your high-quality items in the mailbox every month. We are constantly bringing new products to the market, with the same philosophy. Environmentally friendly and high-quality products that men and women use constantly.

NEW: loose shaving products

From May 2022 we will also offer individual products without a subscription. Whether you would like to buy a separate Razor or a complete shaving package , it is possible at Second Nature! Which color do you choose?

Become part of a community that likes to live consciously. A way of life that does not harm our beautiful planet. The best sustainable items. Indispensable products , delivered to your doorstep every month. Second Nature makes sustainable shopping easier, especially for you and nature.

Stay informed about our expansion of the range, it will come sooner than you expect.

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