The very latest item from Second Nature: Laundry Sheets

Beste wasstrips van Second Nature

The Laundry Sheet from Second Nature, have you tried it yet?

After the Razor, it is high time to introduce our next product to you, our Laundry Sheets! Order a box today and experience the powerful cleaning and wonderful scent for yourself!

The Laundry Sheets are made of environmentally friendly material. Doing your laundry has never been easier, all you have to do is put the sheet in the drum. Then you turn the wax and the sheet dissolves itself. The result is nice-smelling clothes, while doing our planet a great favor.

The environment takes quite a beating during most washes. The many plastic bottles in particular play a negative role in this. Think of all the detergent, fabric softeners and other necessities to do your desired laundry. These items are often offered in material that is very harmful to the earth. The result: dozens of plastic bottles per year that are purchased and barely break down in nature. Research even shows that plastic bottles are only broken down by nature after 500 (!) years. We at Second Nature want to change this!

Try our Laundry Sheets discount bundle (60-120 washes) and experience how you can replace both your detergent and fabric softener with one product.

Of course we cannot do this alone.

The Netherlands cannot do this alone. But together we can certainly make great strides. Second Nature tries to relieve the burden on nature with everyday environmentally friendly products. We would like the coming generations to fully enjoy all the beauty that our planet has to offer. Will you help by choosing Second Nature's environmentally friendly everyday products?

Don't worry, your laundry will of course smell wonderful afterwards! Even though we do not use different powders, fabric softeners and pods, the result is very pleasant. Feel free to try it yourself! Second Nature is very curious whether you will also dare to switch to environmentally friendly products that you use every day. Realize how much plastic you will save on an annual basis... together we will give the climate a huge boost.

How often do you do laundry per week?

This of course differs in every household. To respond to this, we have - just like with razor blades - various packages and subscriptions that suit your situation. You can order the Laundry Sheets separately, but we can also ensure that they arrive on your doorstep every quarter. This way you never fall short. Feel free to test them out and see the great results for yourself. Moreover, you ensure yourself of washes that Mother Nature can highly appreciate.

Above all, we would love to change the way we shop . Everyday items are still too often purchased without thinking about the environment. We try to get people thinking by bringing products to the market of the same quality, comparable price , but much better for nature.

Which items from Second Nature appeal to you most? Take a look around and decide which products suit your situation. As mentioned, different packaging and subscriptions are possible, so your desired quantity is always included. Will you, like hundreds of other Dutch people, order your daily products from Second Nature?


Join hundreds of other Dutch people who order their daily products from Second Nature and try our Laundry Sheets discount bundle (60-120 washes) .

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