The vision of Second Nature

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Second Nature started 2021 with great enthusiasm , we would love to change the standard way of shopping. Sustainable items, delivered to your doorstep every month. Second Nature started with razor blades and will expand this quickly. The items will always be quality products that you use often. Good for the environment? 100%!

Try today Get a free sample of our washing strips and experience the powerful cleaning and wonderful scent for yourself!

It is of course completely up to you which items you would like to receive. Create the subscription that suits your current situation . Our members receive their own account that you can manage yourself. This way you can also adjust your subscription when necessary. Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact one of our colleagues at the office.

Second Nature products are made from environmentally friendly materials and have a longer lifespan. Do not damage the living environment during the production process, use and in the waste phase. In other words; no depletion of natural resources!

Environmentally friendly products from Second Nature

Do you ever purchase one or more sustainable products ? More and more Dutch people are taking this into account. Almost everyone knows about the current climate crisis. The Netherlands (unfortunately) also has to deal with this. But we can all – companies and consumers – make a positive contribution! Because what is actually beneficial to our planet, purchasing and producing ethical products ?

Products that last longer mean… less waste. This will prevent our landfills from becoming too full. At Second Nature, for example, we don't use plastic, which already helps enormously. When a sustainable product is environmentally friendly, their ecological footprint is immediately reduced. Thanks to your choices, the environment has to 'work less hard'. This then causes (almost) no pollution of our beautiful planet.

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Sustainable living with Second Nature

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a hot topic. At Second Nature we really try to contribute to this. Both individuals and companies are increasingly aware of their footprint and the pollution, climate change and endangered species for which they are (partly) responsible. We want to do better than our predecessors and leave a healthy planet for future generations. Will you join us? Choose a subscription to Second Nature and join our great mission!

During the first 14 days you can test our products in peace. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the products are also of excellent quality. Our razor blades are the first products within the Second Nature subscription. You can order our razors on the website in peace and quiet. It is also possible that you have been approached by one of our ambassadors. This may have taken place door-to-door or on the street.

Second Nature for a unique way of shopping

Everyday products , items you really can't live without. We stock up on them in large numbers and then purchase them again next month. We at Second Nature would like to change that. Products that can be used for a long time, do not harm the environment and are of good quality.

Sustainable living cannot be achieved overnight. For example, it may take a while before you have solar panels on your roof. Introduce it within your household step by step. Small changes – such as purchasing environmentally friendly products that you use every day – can make a huge difference.

Into the future with Second Nature

We are certainly not going to stick to just razor blades. Keep a close eye on our website for updates and other developments. We don't like to sit still. We want to continue with our mission and help the whole of the Netherlands with a new way of shopping. Will you also join our community? Fantastic! We would like to hear which Second Nature products we can make you happy with!

View our Laundry Sheets , All Purpose Cleaner , and Hand Soap collections, or discover all our products here .

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